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Caravan & Motorhome Crime: Don’t Become a Victim this Holiday Season

 NORTH NEWBALD, YORKSHIRE — The purchase of a caravan or motorhome could quite possibly be for some, the most expensive purchase to be made within their lifetime other than their home. This winter, Discover Leisure are making it their mission to raise awareness of caravan and motorhome safety and security to ensure not only your purchase makes it through the harsh winter conditions, but also keeping your pride and joy secure from theft. read more »


Colorado shootings: Parents need to talk to their kids about it

We can imagine our kids in that theater, no?

“The Dark Knight Rises” was a giddily anticipated PG-13 spectacle. By definition, the opening night in Aurora, Colo., was filled with typical American teens.

Most of our older kids can also probably imagine themselves inside what became a death trap.

That’s why talking to children about what happened is so important, experts say.

“You do, as a parent, have responsibility to talk to them about it,” said Paul Coleman, a New York-based therapist and author of several books on anxiety, trauma and communicating with children, including “How To Say It to Your Child When Bad Things Happen,” (Prentice Hall, 2002)
People bow in a moment of silence requested by President Obama for the victims of the Colorado shootings at an event in Fort Myers, Fla., on Friday. (Kevin Lamarque – Reuters)
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L.A. architect’s mission: Build a better animal shelter

South L.A. Animal Care Center Gallery When Rania Alomar was hired to design a new animal shelter for the city of Los Angeles, the architect was given specific instructions: Create a temporary home for animals that increases their comfort, and by virtue of the shelter’s design, makes people want to adopt a pet. read more »

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Keep Cool Without Using Air Conditioning

From Wired How-To Wiki

Anyone who lives in a temperate climate knows at least a half-dozen ways to keep cool when the mercury starts rising. A new pair of sandals, an icy margarita, meeting your friends at the pool — there are a lot of great ways to lower your body temperature. But we consider these just a starting point. You can’t always dip out of work and lounge in a beach chair whenever you get a little sweaty, so we’ve gathered a few methods that will help you lower your energy bill and save the planet. read more »

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Travel-Friendly Gadgets for Kids

Need to keep your kids entertained on the road? Don’t forget to pack some of these great gadgets on your next trip.

Traveling with kids can be rough. Long car rides and flights can be a testament to your patience if your child starts getting bored. Thankfully, technology has created dozens of gadgets to satisfy children of all ages.

We surveyed PCMag.com employees with sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews to see what kind of tech keeps the kids occupied while traveling. This set of gadgets — and the thousands of apps you can download for them — will surely keep your children from asking the inevitable question: “Are we there yet?” read more »


Is Marissa Mayer doing parents any favors?

Though Marissa Mayer, the pregnant 37-year-old executive newly named CEO of Yahoo, became an instant pioneer to many working women this week, she has also come under attack in some quarters for saying she plans to take barely a wisp of maternity leave.

She told Fortune soon after she revealed publicly that she is due in early October that “my maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I’ll work throughout it.”
Marissa Mayer (Noah Berger – Reuters)
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Tarps Prove Important for Businesses and Home – New Website Offers Tarps Galore

NAPLES, FLORIDA — Within the past few years, more and more businesses have been using tarps for a variety of uses, and people are using tarps for home use as well. Tarps have become quite popular, with uses ranging from flame retardant tarps for construction sites, to tarp canopy kits for carports. With the rising popularity and use of tarps, one company has started selling their tarps on the web to offer tarps to those who are looking for great prices and quality. This new site that offers tarps for both business and home use is tarps-togo.com. read more »


Math museum adds up for kids

Squealing schoolchildren ride a square-wheeled tricycle and a “Coaster Roller” that glides over plastic acorns. Downstairs, they fit monkey magnets together at the “Tessellation Station.”

This is how math is presented at New York City’s new National Museum of Mathematics, the only museum of its kind in the United States and a place where math is anything but boring. read more »


Can parents share child-raising responsibilities equally?

The new parenting ideal looks a lot like Katherine and Roger Kranenburg. Professionals who have achieved enough career success to earn both good money and work flexibility, they are raising two children, 5 and 3, who are healthy, energetic and even ask for extra grilled zucchini with their lunch.

In their roomy Washington house, with deck and swimming pool nestled among leafy trees, the Kranenburg family’s mornings look like an upscale version of what more and more American parents strive for: parity in parenting. Dad cooks and Mom untangles hair. Both parents arrange their schedules to make the parent-teacher conference. Dad clicks the kids into car seats; Mom drives them to school. read more »


Man’s best friend gets the royal treatment, despite recessionary woes

CHICAGO, Nov. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Pets are not only a man’s best friend, they are often looked upon as a four-legged member of the family. As a result, the retail sales of pets and related supplies and services have produced consistent gains from 2007-12, despite a turbulent economy. Mintel’s latest report estimates the pet market is worth more than $49 billion in 2012, up 15% since 2007. read more »